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QR invoices

Print the upper part of the QR invoice with your letterhead or use it as advertising space for promotions, special offers or other information.

The QR invoice

From July 2020, QR billing will be introduced as a new means of payment in Switzerland. At the same time, the previous payment slips will continue to be valid.

After a transitional period, only the new QR invoices will be accepted.

Format and perforation

The format of the QR invoices will remain unchanged from the current inpayment slips. The layout of your mailings does not therefore need to be adapted. The A4 sheets are also pre-perforated for printing. For general design specifications for the payment section with the Swiss QR Code, please refer to the "Style Guide" in the downloads.

All payment information is contained in the QR Code, which can be read with a scanner or mobile app - no need to type in the reference number. It is also still possible to make a deposit at the counter.

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