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Stickers on rolls

We print square or round stickers with your desired motif in digital printing in different formats.
The stickers are suitable as advertising stickers, wine labels, address labels, stickers or for packaging.

Rectangular and round labels
Choose between the rectangular formats 35x15 mm, 45x20 mm, 60x30 mm and 90x50 mm or the round Ø 35 mm. We will be happy to print other formats for you on request.

Stickers in various colours
We print your stickers in four colours on white glossy FSC-certified paper.
Coloured papers are available for single-colour printing in black: Gold matt, silver matt, luminous red, luminous yellow as well as transparent glossy. 
For warning labels or hazard stickers, printing on luminescent red or luminescent yellow is suitable. Labels on backing paper in silver or gold have a very noble effect and are suitable for e.g. bakeries, address labels, packaging.

Label material
The labels are printed on coated FSC®-certified adhesive label paper. The adhesive material is harmless and may be used for food labelling. The stickers are permanently adhesive.

Have stickers printed on a roll
The labels are supplied in a cardboard dispenser for easy removal. They are easily removable for sticking on bottles, jars, packaging or as address labels.