Personalized Products

Saddle stitched brochure Saddle stitched brochure
Brochures (bound) Brochures (bound)
Softcover booklet (PUR-bound) Softcover booklet (PUR-bound)
Ticket pads Ticket pads
Loose tickets Loose tickets
Flyer Flyer
Flyer folded Flyer folded
Cards Cards
Folded Cards Folded Cards
Bookmarks Bookmarks
Mask cases Mask cases
Self-mailer Self-mailer
Personalized Letters Personalized Letters


Bookmarks can be designed with an ad, a nice photo / image or with just a funny slogan to bring a certain message across to customers, friends or family.

Bookmarks can be printed single- or two sided. A finished size of 50 x 210 mm or 52 x 148 mm including a viariety of different  paper weights can be selected.
To add a more personal touch to it you can personalize your own bookmark.