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Set: Geschäftsausstattung «S» Set: Geschäftsausstattung «S»
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Set: Geschäftsausstattung «S»

Bestellen Sie Ihre Geschäftsdrucksachen gleich im Set und profitieren Sie vom günstigeren Preis!

Das Set besteht aus:

• 1 Couvert mit oder ohne Fenster im Format C4, C5 und C5/6.

• 1 Briefpapier

Geschäftsdrucksachen können wahlweise im Vierfarbendruck oder in Pantone bedruckt werden.


  • Letterhead

    Professionally printed business stationery sets the tone for your communications. Ideal for proposals, quotes, accounts and other formal correspondence used in the office or even at home.

    Digitally printed Letterheads are only partially suitable for overprinting on toner-based office printers. However, to overprint them on an inkjet printer is not a problem at all.

    In case of any doubts please order Letterehads in offset printing.



  • Envelopes

    An individuel printed envelope makes a positive difference and leaves a superb first impression with your customer.

    Envelopes are available in C4, C5, C6/5 and also in different kinds of paper quality.

    You can choose with either window or non-window envelopes. Choosable with a window left or right hand side.

    Envelopes comes with a self-adhesive strip (C5 can be selected tropical seal).

    When designing and addressing envelopes, please also observe the postal regulations.
    You will find design templates for the position of the window and flap in the download. ->