Print files

  • Your print files

    File format / colour profiles:

    • We recommend uploading the print file(s) as a print-ready PDF file.
      Colour profile for coated papers: ISO coatedV2 300%
      Colour profile for uncoated papers: PSO Uncoated ISO 12647 (ECI)
    • Other file formats: JPG or TIFF files with 300 dpi resolution.
    • If possible, upload multi-page artwork in one file with consecutive individual pages or as correctly imposed sheets. For single pages, please specify the page number in the file name.
    • Additional costs for conversion will apply when uploading open files (e.g. from Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word). However, these costs are included in the total costs of the product. Before production, you will receive a print approval via e-mail.

    Set up document:

    • Design the document at its original size with 2 mm bleed on all edges. More about bleed.
    • Produce multi-page documents as continuous single pages or correctly imposed sheets (e.g. 8+1, 2+7, 6+3, 4+5).
    • Optional crop marks should be positioned outside the print image.
    • Ensure fonts and images are embedded in the print file.


    • Images must maintain a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at a scaling of 100%.
    • For the positioning of text and important elements, a minimum distance of 5 mm from the edge of the printed image is recommended.

    Colour mode:

    • Use the CMYK colour mode for both, the print file and the images included in it. Other colour modes such as RGB are automatically converted to CMYK, though some color shifts may occur. It's important to note that colours displayed on computer screens may differ from printed colors, as screens emit light, while printing applies colours to paper.

    Please note …
    Kindly be advised that in digital printing, a technology-related deviation in positioning with a tolerance of 0.5–1 mm should be taken into account You are responsible for compliance with these criteria. We are not obliged to check these (except for the "Extended data control" option). Complaints about the quality of the manufactured products are excluded in the event of non-compliance.

  • Personalisation files

    During the personalization process, each copy is customized with unique elements such as a distinct name, number, or text section.

    • For personalized products using variable data printing (VDP), a separate list containing the variable information is necessary alongside the print template.
    • This list can be supplied as an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) or as a text file (.csv, .txt) separated by a comma, semicolon, or tab.
    • In the print file, the column designation is specified as placeholder text. The content of the column is then printed instead of the column designation.
    • For personalized print products, an electronic proof for printing will be automatically sent to you. This proof is included in the price.
  • Delivery documents / postal regulations

    Design specifications:
    If you have your printed product distributed as an individual mailing by Swiss Post or another service provider, please be sure to observe the specific layout instructions. You can find all the important information for dispatch by Swiss Post here.

    Postal dispatch by
    We can optionally take care of the postage for you. You will find the corresponding option for many products directly in the product configurator. To do this, upload a pre-filled mailing list (AVZ) in the configurator or have it created by us (subject to a charge). We need your postal invoice reference for this.

  • PDF/EPS print templates
    • Print templates are available to download as PDF or EPS files for some of our products
    • The templates can be downloaded directly from the respective product pages under "Downloads".
    • The use of these templates is mandatory for presentation folders, as they contain the corresponding die-cut.
  • Design-Templates
    • Don't have your own print template that you would like to use? Then use our design-templates. Design-Templats.
    • You personalise the templates directly online. You can enter your own text and, if you wish, upload your own images and photos to the design template.
    • Please note that we cannot accept any liability for layout, spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Layout service
    • Use our layout service for the professional design of your printed matter.
    • You send us all existing images, texts, information, and requests directly in the upload module with the order - we layout your document and create a print-ready template from it, which is then used to produce the printed matter.
    • All templates designed by the layout service is sent to you by e-mail as a PDF proof before production. After your approval, we will start the production process or create the optionally ordered control printout for you.
    • The approval is also the starting point for the specified delivery time.
    • We offer our layout service at a fixed price, there are no hidden costs!
  • Finishing / lacquering

    UV high-gloss varnishing:

    • No special precautions need to be taken with regard to the print data for UV high gloss varnishing.

    Drip-off coating:

    • With drip-off varnishing, certain areas are partially coated with a matt drip-off varnish. In these areas, the UV high-gloss varnish is repelled, and the surface remains matt with a rough finish. The remaining areas remain high gloss.
    • An additional layer or colour must be defined in the print data to represent the drip-off varnish. In this case, the matt surface is defined as a solid colour.
  • Create PDF file
    • The Adobe Creative Suite products are the most suitable. In addition to Acrobat, this also includes InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
    • To create PDF files from any other programme, you can use PDF Creator, a software in the form of a printer driver for Windows.
    • On Apple computers (Mac) you can create PDF files at any time using the print dialogue. However, not all programmes embed the fonts. No additional software is required.
  • Other file formats / open files
    • Other file formats such as Word (.doc, .docx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and Publisher (.pub, .pubx) can also be used. Please note that there are additional costs for the conversion, which are included in the product price. Before production, you will receive a print approval by e-mail.
  • Artwork check
    • o We offer a thorough check of your print file based on predefined criteria. You have the option to select either a complimentary basic data check or an in-depth data. There will be additional fees for the in-depth file check

        standard artwork check superior artwork check
       Format yes yes
       Number of pages yes yes
       Page order yes yes
       Bleed yes (if possible autom. scaling) yes
       Font embedding yes (if possible autom. embedding) yes
       Image resolution yes (min. 200 dpi) yes (min. 300 dpi)
       Colour mode (CMYK) yes (autom. conversion) yes
       Overprinting yes yes
       Comment fields in PDF yes
       Images: Brightness, colour cast yes
       Paper suitability for subject yes
  • Proofs

    If you've opted for the "Control printout" option, we'll send you a control proof via mail or an electronic proof for printing in PDF format after payment is received and prior to commencing production.

    Control printout by mail:

    • For digital printing, you will receive a printout on original paper.
    • For offset orders, you will receive a proof (for multi-page printed matter, a proof of the title page and a standard plot). For technical reasons, printing on original paper is not possible.
    • For large format printing, you will receive a proof in approx. A3 format from digital printing. For technical reasons, this cannot be printed on original paper.
    • Once you have received the control printout, you can authorise it directly in your customer account. The print job is then executed, and the delivery time begins.
    • An additional fee will be charged from the 3rd control printout.

    Electronic print approval (PDF):

    • Your supplied print data is checked and converted if necessary (e.g. colour to CMYK).
    • For digital and offset printing, you will receive a PDF proof for printing. This allows you to preview your finalized print file on screen; however, please note that this is colour-binding.
    • Once you have received the control PDF, you can authorise it directly in your customer account or by e-mail. The print job is then carried out and the delivery timeline will commence.