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Flyer Flyer
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Flyer roll folded (3 panels) Flyer roll folded (3 panels)
Concertina folded flyers (3 panels) Concertina folded flyers (3 panels)
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Leporello folded flyer (4 panels) Leporello folded flyer (4 panels)
Flyer concertina cross-folded Flyer concertina cross-folded
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Ad flyer

This partly-sponsored product is an economical way to safe costs. However, it can still be used for upcoming events, promoting new products, marketing and services.

The front of the flyer can be used to place your ad or message. However, the ad for will be placed on the back of the flyer

These flyers will be printed in 4 colour process both sides on our offset press using 170 gsm gloss paper.