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Individually printed envelopes for business letters or private mail look professional and increase recognition.

Our envelopes are printed in offset and achieve a maximum of attention.

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C-format envelopes

Letters, flyers etc. are usually printed in DIN-A format (A4, A5 etc). Envelopes, on the other hand, are produced in the DIN formats of the B, C and D series. The C series envelopes are the most common.

Print your envelopes online in these formats:

  • C4 = 229 x 324 mm 
  • C5 = 229 x 162 mm
  • C5/6 = 229 x 114 mm

We will be happy to provide you with a quotation for B-series envelopes. These are ideal for sending reply envelopes in C format as well.

When designing and addressing envelopes, please also observe the postal regulations.

Envelopes with or without window

Envelopes from onlinedruck.ch are available with a window on the left or right, or without a window. You can find the exact position of the window in the design template in the download area of the product.

Print envelopes on both sides

Envelopes can be printed on the front as well as on the back if desired. An additional option is the printing of your sender's address on the flap of the envelope.

Colours of your envelopes

Envelopes are printed in black, four-colour or Pantone colours. With spot colour printing in Pantone, your corporate colours are printed on the paper in a precisely defined colour with a printing unit.

Envelopes with adhesive strip or rubberised

All envelopes are provided with adhesive strips. As only the protective strip is removed and the flap is pressed on, they are very easy to handle.

For the machine enveloping of C5 envelopes you need gummed envelopes, which you can also order from us. For gummed envelopes in other formats we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Personalized envelopes

You can also have the recipient addresses of your envelopes printed directly. To do this, simply upload a personalisation file during the ordering process.

Design envelopes online

In our design templates you will find the variants of all envelope formats. Design your envelopes online with your own logo or advertising text.

Envelopes in different colors

High-quality, colored envelopes to match your design and our templates. You can order these envelopes unprinted from a quantity of 10 pieces.

Climate Neutral and FSC® certified

All envelopes are printed in Switzerland. We produce climate-neutral on paper from forests managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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